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Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses evolved from parties held in the early 1900s as a way to enjoy a brief social hour or a pre-dinner mingle. Today cocktail parties still exist, but they can also be semi-formal affairs that go beyond cocktails to include dinner and dancing. Traditionally, women attending the cocktail party wore a cocktail dress, but today the cocktail dresses have expanded to include a wide variety of styles. It can be as simple as tea length to as daring as a cut above the knee or as sophisticated as ankle length. What is known as the little black dress is famous for cocktail dresses, although these days cocktail dresses can vary in color as well.

The best thing about a cocktail dress is that there is a broad variety to choose from. There are various short formal dresses with different styles which form a harmonious combination of originality and elegance.
These cocktail dresses are the best option for occasions like wedding ceremonies, theme parties, dinner parties and of course cocktail parties. This article will explain how you can go about the whole issue of choosing the right one for whatever occasion you are looking for and some other things you need to know about the cocktail dresses.
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